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Student Feature: Sonniya and Akshaya - The Mother/Daughter Duo!

Student Feature: Sonniya and Akshaya - The Mother/Daughter Duo!

"I reminded myself not to be around so that she will be independent to work with the trainer to learn what she needs to learn." Truly wise words from our dear Sonniya! This mother/daughter duo has taken a number of classes right here with us and are now here to give you a little peek into these classes. Watch the video to get a better experience and see their cute interactions!


Akshaya: Hi, My name is Akshaya!

Sonniya: And my name is Sonniya and I'm her mummy! I'm a media professional and I've been in the industry for about 20 years. 

How did your sewing journey begin?

S: I took a break for like 3 years since 2020 and I discovered sewing in the interim. I was looking for a place where I could learn the basics - like a straight-ish line. My daughter, Akshaya, [I] actually didn't know what to do during the holidays for her. So I enrolled her into the kids' programme and she did churn out a very lovely project for herself. And she's very proud of it!

What's your hobby?

A: My hobby is sewing!

S: What did you sew?

A: A skirt and blouse, an apron and a tote bag!

S: Why did you sew the apron? Because it's for your art and craft, right?

A: Yeah!

Who started sewing first?

S: So Akshaya actually started sewing first! Because she started her project, I thought I should do something about the sewing machine and the tools that I have. So I started coming for the 101 Course and the Alterations Course back-to-back, and I wanted to really explore what I had.

When my mum passed on, I took all her sewing tools and I was asking people around if they wanted to adopt or take the stuff. But I didn't find anyone who was keen to do sewing as a hobby. So I kept looking at those things and eventually I ended up buying a domestic sewing machine!

Initially it was a little bit tough because I had no sewing background. The only exposure I had was watching my mom use her old conventional sewing machine - [where] the foot pedal goes up and down and she had to manually turn the wheel!

Tell us about your journey with FMS!

S: I took the WSQ [and Skillsfuture] Course, it was an all-in-one kind of course! So you learn how to do the measurements (How to take measurements), and then you learn how to do the drafting, the paper cutting, and then cutting the material, right up to the sewing. So it was really dot-to-dot.

Initially it was very intense but the turn out of the product along with the other fellow students as well - we were very proud of ourselves! Coming to FMS was one of the best things I've done in the recent 6 - 7 months because one; I get to meet other women who come from different backgrounds and we all come together to do one thing that's identical to us - which is the love of sewing.


So that, and the duration of the courses, it gives us ample time so it doesn't drain us. And I think 2 - 3 hours per session gives us enough time. It takes us away form all the other roles and identities. Now, I'm a mum, and the role as a mum can take a toll on us. Coming here to this space gives us the time away from doing anything else that we do in our daily lives.

Have the both of you done a project together?

S: Our only project together was when as a parent, I accompanied her to her very first kids' project which was the Top & Skirt. I realised that kids should be just left alone [Laughs]. So that was our project together. For her other projects I reminded myself not to be around so that she will be independent to work with the trainer to learn what she needs to learn.

What do you enjoy most about sewing?

S, to Akshaya: What do you enjoy?

A: I like pressing the pedal - because it's just like going on a car!

S: She's very shy but what she says is that she likes to watch the needle go [up and down, needle sounds].

A: This dress!

S: You want to make a dress for me?

A: [Nods]

S: There we go! This is all recorded right?

S: Regardless where you are, I think sewing is for everyone!

A: Sewing is fun!

Sonniya and Akshaya: Sewing is fun! And everyone should go and try it out!

We're thankful for the pro-active energy emanating from these two! They prove that sewing truly is for everyone regardless of their age or background and everyone should give it a try. Not sure where to start? You can check out our Sewing Journey Guide or get to know the trainers at Fashion Makerspace. We'll see you at the studio!

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