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The Sewing and Patternmaking Course that you need in 2023

The Sewing and Patternmaking Course that you need in 2023


Announcing our freshly WSQ-accredited course - Fabric Studies and Fashion Production (Design, Draft & Sew Dress with Lining) that packs loads of content in just 11 lessons! Whether you have experience in sewing or not, you are certainly welcome to join us in this foundational course. There’s a lot to learn and we’ll share with you why below!

1. What is the name of the course?

WSQ Fabric Studies and Fashion Production (Design, Draft & Sew Dress with Lining)

2. What can I learn from this course?

  • The correct way of taking body measurements
  • Drawing your bodice block based on your own measurements
  • How to make changes to the dress design on the neckline and silhouette
  • How to create sleeves that fit
  • Make design changes to the sleeves
  • Learn about the fibers and fabrics commonly used for dresses and the effect it has on the appearance of the dress
  • How to cut fabrics efficiently to reduce wastage
  • How to sew up the dress based on the chosen design

3. Who will be interested in this course?

If you:

  • Want something that fits you well and can be modified later on
  • Bring your clothes to the tailor often and now want to try it yourself
  • Always find yourself altering clothes or have a unique body shape
  • Have been sewing with purchased patterns for a while and want to embark on making your own patterns
  • Love fashion and the idea of making your own clothes

Then this course is a perfect match for you!

4. What's the difficulty level?

Perfect for beginners, whether you have little or no experience!

5. How is this course different from just Sewing & Patternmaking Courses?

It covers more in-depth detail into fabric studies.

6. Why is it important to learn about fabrics?

To understand how fabric choices influence the design and final aesthetic of the garment. Fabrics affect the drape (how the garment falls) and more importantly, its fit and quality. It’s the differentiating factor between a cheap-looking product or a boutique-bought garment. Wrong fabric choices may result in a poor fit, discomfort or the design not looking as intended.

7. How can you make a dress flattering on yourself?

Based on the occasion, the wearer is able to make it look fun with prints and flowy with more volume. Tweed fabric can make it look stylish and effortlessly elegant or using cotton lace can make it shapely and flattering. Fabrics and skirt silhouettes can be modified according to one's tastes.

Knowing is just the tip of the iceberg. Now that you know the importance of choosing the right fabrics, the next step now is to put it to practice! Our WSQ/Skillsfuture Courses were made for individuals like you - whether you are a novice or would like to learn new skills. Registration is available here!

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