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Class Policies and FAQ

Class Policies/ Booking

Is my booking confirmed?
  • For WSQ Classes:
    Kindly ensure all necessary payments / SkillsFuture claims are made at least 3 days before your course start date in order for your slot to be confirmed.

    Please send a screenshot of your payments / SkillsFuture claims to and you will be notified once we’ve received your payments.

  • For Non-WSQ classes:
    Your slot will be confirmed once we have received full payment.

We do not send reminders for classes once your transaction is completed. In the rare event the class does not take place or if we are unable to hit the minimum pax of 2 for non-WSQ or 3 for WSQ Classes, we will notify you by email/ phone and will offer you an alternative or refund.

Payment Methods:

  1. Credit Card via Stripe (online)
  2. Bank Transfer/ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    UEN No.: 201511693K
    Beneficiary Name: Fashion Makerspace Pte Ltd
    Bank Name : DBS Current Account
    Acct. Number : 070-902178-6
  3. Cash (in our studio)
What happens if I need to reschedule?

Please inform us as soon as possible if you are not able to attend your booked class so that you will be able to attend a makeup class to catch up (Phone: +65 8830 3753, email:

  • Sewing Only classes, you may just refer to the email sent to select the next available timeslot.
  • For all other classes (except our SkillsFuture/WSQ classes), there will be a rescheduling admin fee of $30/change of date if we are able to slot you in an available/suitable class. However, if there are no suitable slots, we can arrange for a custom (1-to-1) make-up class with the trainer at $50/hour. You may contact us to confirm how much time is needed.
  • For our  SkillsFuture/WSQ classes, there will be a rescheduling admin fee of $50/change of date if we are able to slot you in an available/suitable class. However, if there are no suitable slots, we can arrange for a custom (1-to-1) make-up class with the trainer at $50/hour. You may contact us to confirm how much time is needed.

If you are not able to attend due to illness, please send us a Medical Certificate and your make-up fees will be waived.

In the event that you do not attend the class without prior notice, the class will be forfeited.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

Please inform us as soon as possible if you are not able to attend your booked class. If you would like a refund or withdraw from the course, our policy is:

  • 14 calendar days or more before the class start date: Full workshop fee refund
  • Less than 14 calendar days before / Day of the workshop / After the workshop: Full workshop fee forfeited

In the unlikely event of unforeseen exceptional circumstances, Fashion Makerspace reserves the right to change the date of or cancel an event. If that occurs, a refund of any payment made will be offered.

Fashion Makerspace reserves the right to make changes to its trainers, schedules and prices without prior notice. Where applicable, these changes will be reflected on the website.

What happens if I can’t finish my project and need more time with the trainer?
  • Additional studio time for classes is charged at $30/hour.
  • If you have finished the class and would like to do a revision, it would be $30/hour.
  • However, if you would like the trainer to cover content that’s not in the syllabus, kindly arrange for a (1 to 1) lesson with our trainer at $70/hour on weekdays. Such classes are subject to the trainers’ advice and availability.
What happens if I’m more than 30 minutes late for class?

We strive to start & end all classes on time. Please arrive 5 minutes early if possible. If you are over 30 minutes late, you will need to reschedule as you will miss a significant portion of the class, and catching you up won’t be fair to the other students. We seek your understanding on this.

If I can’t find a time slot, how do I sign up?

If you are interested in a specific time slot, do reach out to us via WhatsApp or email. (Phone: +65 8830 3753, email:

Our team will advise you and put you on our waiting list to keep you posted on any updates.

Do I need to bring anything for the class?

The individual class descriptions for the class that you have booked will state if there are any materials required. If nothing is stated, then you don’t have to bring any!

Our studio is outfitted with all tools and sewing machines for use during class and studio time. If you prefer to work on your own machine, do remember to bring your dedicated footers along!

  • Introductory and Accessories classes: All materials provided.
  • Fashion Sewing Only and Drafting & Sewing classes: Bring your own fabrics and trims. Refer to individual class descriptions on the website.
  • WSQ-Certified classes: Materials are not needed on the first day and you will be briefed during class on what to bring
What is your Class Size? Is there a minimum/ maximum pax number?

Our class size starts at a minimum of 3 pax to a maximum of 10 pax. Our classes are small so that our trainers can provide more personal coaching time, essential in any hands-on creative classes!

Class Recommendations

I have no experience! Which class would you recommend?

No prior experience? Not to worry! If this is your first time with us, we have 2 options we highly recommend

  1. Starter Bundle
    It is a 2 session (2 hour/ session) class that covers basic sewing and sewing operation skills. This course is perfect for first-timers to have a feel of our environment as well as experience how our classes are conducted. At the end of the lesson, you will be bringing home a pouch made from scratch by you!
  2. WSQ Fashion & Fabrics (Basic Top & Skirt) or WSQ Fashion & Fabrics (Basic Dress with Lining) class
    These foundation courses cover the process of making a garment from the start to the end, where you will pick up the skills of drafting, cutting, and sewing your very own garments in your own sizes. Also, the WSQ courses are Skillsfuture Credit claimable.
Should I do drafting or sewing?

We offer a wide range of courses for you to choose from and it is truly up to your preference.

Our Sewing Only (Fashion/ Accessories) courses are for those who want to practice and improve their sewing. Choose from our wide selection of designs and learn various techniques like installing a concealed zipper, bias tape, pockets, etc, and sew up a stylish new outfit to wear every day. Highly recommended for beginners!

If you are interested in learning to relay your measurements onto patterns, our Drafting & Sewing classes or WSQ-certified classes would suit those who are ready to dive right in! From learning how to make your own Master Block to learning how to customise your garment to suit your style & preference, we welcome all students to embark on this journey to fashion freedom!

Can I create my own designs?

Yes, we laud individual creativity & spontaneity! Our WSQ-certified classes allow for some design variations; and if you don’t find a design that you fancy, just book a private workshop with us! We can help you realise and complete your fashion projects/ portfolio or design ideas. This process starts with a free consultation at our studio about your idea – this helps us both to set realistic targets for the project and coordinate our schedules. Small group lessons are also available!

Skillsfuture Classes

Which classes are SkillsFuture Claimable?

You can find our list of Skillsfuture/ WSQ-certified classes here.

The list of WSQ-certified Fabric Studies & Fashion Production courses are:

  1. Design, Draft & Sew Top & Skirt (Basic)
  2. Design, Draft & Sew Dress with Lining (Basic)
  3. Womenswear Pants (Intermediate)
  4. Couture Cheongsam (Intermediate)
How do I register/ claim for SkillsFuture Classes?

You may browse through our SkillsFuture courses Here.

  1. Once you have selected your preferred course, kindly fill in the required details on our registration form at the bottom of the webpage. Do ensure that all details submitted are accurate to ensure no delays in the enrolment process. We will check your grant eligibility on our end.
  2. An email will then be sent to indicate the course breakdown and to confirm signing up for the class.
  3. Kindly reply to the email above to confirm your enrolment.
  4. An invoice will be sent to you in a separate email and there will be some instructions on how to make the payment (including SkillsFuture credit claim).
  5. Kindly provide us with the Claim ID. And you are all set! We will be sending out an email within 3 days before the course start date.

In the event that there are no available dates that fit your schedule, kindly click on the Looking for another Date or Time link (below the add to cart button). We will take note of your preferred date and may publish it for the new course dates. You will be notified once they have been published.

All about FMS points

Where do I find my FMS Points?

You may click on the Rewards button at the bottom right of Kindly log in to your account to see your individual points.

How do I redeem my Store Credits/FMS Points?
  • On the Bottom Right Corner of the webpage, kindly click on the Rewards button
  • There will be an Order Discount option. Click on the Redeem button
  • Copy Code & Apply at Checkout

*Do note that students are only able to offset their points when they have reached a minimum of 100 FMS Points.

What can I use my FMS Points for?

Please note that the following are not eligible for FMS Points:

  1. Our Bundle/ Discounted Classes: Starter Bundle, Alterations & Upcycling, Fashion Sewing Bundle, Accessories Bundle & etc.
  2. All Physical Items: studio supplies, machines & etc.
  3. WSQ Courses
  4. Guest Trainer Classes
  5. Refresher, Custom and Make-Up Classes.

*Do note that the points cannot be used together with ongoing promotions and discounts.

Is there an expiry date for the FMS Points?
Yes, it will be 24 months from your last purchase.


Disclaimer Regarding Audio/Photo/Video Recording of Classes/ Workshops/ Events

Please note that when you schedule a class with us, you automatically consent to interview(s), audio recording, photography, videography, their release or reproduction to be used for news, advertising, promotional purposes, or for any other purpose that Fashion Makerspace Pte Ltd, its employees and all persons involved with the interview(s), audio recording, photography, videography, their release or production deem fit.

By entering the Fashion Makerspace Pte Ltd studio, you waive all rights you may have to any claims in payment, ownership, or royalties with any form of release or reproduction of materials stipulated above, regardless of any fee of admission. You also waive any rights to inspect or approve any audio recording, photo, video, or copywriting taken and done by Fashion Makerspace Pte Ltd, its employees, and all persons involved.

Any more questions, we’re happy to help! Send us an email at or call us at +65 8830 3753 and we’ll figure it out together. 

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