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Want to pick up some sewing skills but don’t know where to start?

Want to pick up some sewing skills but don’t know where to start?

Chanced upon some Tiktok videos on the amazing powers of sewing? Or picked up a sewing machine but not sure where to start?

Here are some ideas on where you can begin and the next steps you may take on your sewing journey. We have classes catered for different levels - some are WSQ/Skillsfuture claimable too!

A summarised view of what your sewing journey looks like!


For those with little or no sewing experience, dip your hands into the Introductory Classes. These include the Starter Bundle and the Alterations Bundle.

Starter Bundle is where we cover the basics from using the sewing machine, to cutting fabrics and how to stitch things together. Whilst the Alterations Bundle covers the different ways you can execute alterations as well as upcycling techniques so you can refresh your preloved garments!


After your Introductory Class, you're now ready for the Basics! Here's where you have a huge variety of options. Pick from either of these 3: Fashion Sewing, Sewing & Patternmaking or Accessories.

If you're looking to create your own collection of garments or bags, Fashion Sewing or Accessories is the perfect choice. Pick from our wide variety of designs, let us draft the patterns to your size for you and we will guide you in utilising your newly acquired cutting and sewing skills!

Considering to create your own garments from scratch? Then sign up for our professional Sewing & Patternmaking courses! These foundation classes will let you experience everything from taking body measurements, drafting your own patterns to cutting and sewing the pieces together.

Take advantage of your WSQ subsidies, grants and/or Skillsfuture credits in any part of your journey! For classes you can use them with, browse here.


Now that you have tried making a few masterpieces, you can move on to the Intermediate Classes. The categories in the Intermediate Classes are the same as those in Basics - these are just a bit more challenging! Learn new sewing, patternmaking, design manipulation and construction techniques in making garments like cheongsams, shirts or pants.

Click into these links for your preferred category: Fashion SewingSewing & Patternmaking or Accessories.

Once you have the right skills and proper knowledge, you are free to design, draft and sew up your own wardrobe or gift your loved ones with personalised pieces!


Looking to try your hands on Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator? Or maybe your kids want in on the sewing classes too? Head over to our Adult Digital & Fashion Illustration Classes and Kids Fashion Classes. The learning for fashion just doesn't stop!

We hope this guide has proven useful - bookmark this page so you can always refer back if you're not sure what class to take next. Now that you know which classes you can take, gear up by checking out where to buy fabrics or refresh on your sewing techniques with us!

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