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Top 10 Online Fabric Stores in Singapore

Top 10 online fabric stores in Singapore


With the Covid-19 Situation not easing off so soon, crowds are flocking to online shops to cater to their needs (and wants). Retail therapy does help, especially during these odd times - so whether you’re shopping for clothes, gadgets or groceries, how do you figure out which listing or which shop is the best to go to?

For those with itchy hands, learning how to sew or just loooove to look at pretty patterns (who doesn’t?!), we have curated the top 10 online fabric stores (in alphabetical order) in Singapore for all your sewing needs! If you prefer to feel the textures and see the colours in real life, we have also included the physical addresses of the stores (when applicable). Read on below:


1. Fabricity

Browse their online store here. Photo: Fabricity.

If you ask a seasoned sewist on where to buy fabrics, chances are Fabricity will be in their list. Housing the popular Liberty fabrics, which paint their patterns and artworks by hand, you will be spoilt for choice!

Liberty fabrics are a popular choice for seasoned sewists! Photos: Fabricity.

If you're also looking for European linen fabrics, rest assured, they have a neat selection of colours. Perfect for Singapore's hot and humid weather, linen is comfortable and breathable.

Linen is the perfect fabric for Singapore's warm weather! Photo: Fabricity.

Fabricity does not stop at selling just fabrics, they sell various accessories like beeswax wraps, face masks and more! Perfect and practical as gifts for your loved ones.

Their products are made with - that's right - Liberty fabrics! Browse their gifts selection here. Photo: Fabricity.


Online store:

Contact: 6533 3033

Physical store: People’s Park Food Centre, 32 New Market Rd, #02- 1098, Singapore 050032

Hours: Mon to Fri (12PM - 7PM)

Sat (11AM - 7PM)

Closed on Sundays


2. Kawaii Fabric

Kawaii Fabric's Home Page.

Shopping for cute fabrics? Be it animals, food or for special occasions like Christmas and Halloween, Kawaii Fabric has got you covered! Kawaii Fabric sells quality fabric directly imported from Japan and the USA.

Browse their fabrics by manufacturer, material, colour and even seasons. How cool is that? Be spoilt for choice and let their huge collection of fabrics inspire you for your future projects!

Filter through the huge collection of fabrics by Manufacturer, Material and more!

Kawaii Fabric

Online store: 

Contact: 8254 2040

Physical store: Kawaii Modes Pte Ltd, 61 Yishun Industrial Park A #05-03, Singapore 768767

Hours: Mon to Fri (8:30AM - 4PM)

Closed on weekends and public holidays


3. Lee Ann Textiles

Lee Ann Textiles updates their social media regularly! Be sure to keep an eye on their fabrics.

A family-run fabric store located in the heart of Chinatown, Lee Ann Textiles ships locally and to over 23 countries worldwide. Known for their cotton fabrics, pick from their various designs of flora, fauna and more! They also sell Batik - you can find their designs on their Facebook page or their Instagram. Leave them a message on either of their social media platforms to place an order!

Some of the patterns and fabrics you might see from their store. Photos: Lee Ann Textiles' Facebook page.

Lee Ann Textiles

Online store: 

Contact: 6533 0386

Physical store: People’s Park Food Centre, 32 New Market Rd, #02- 1110, Singapore 050032

Hours: Mon to Sat (10AM - 6PM)

Sun (11AM - 5PM)


4. Modes4u

Modes4u's Home Page.

Having been around since 2007, it’s no wonder Modes4u’s collection has a huge variety. The sister website of Kawaii Fabric, if you’re looking to shop for more than fabrics (like stationery, bags, soft toys, washi tapes - the list goes on!), as long as it’s cute, we’re sure you will be able to find them all here.

Over 4000 available fabrics on their store! You might need to spend a weekend just browsing and choosing your favourites.


Online store: 

Contact: 8254 2040

Physical store: Kawaii Modes Pte Ltd, 61 Yishun Industrial Park A #05-03, Singapore 768767

Hours: Mon to Fri (8:30AM - 4PM)

Closed on weekends and public holidays


5. Neko Neko Fabric

Neko Neko Fabrics houses some of the most popular Japanese fabrics in the world.

If you like all things Japan - and cats, then be sure to patronise Neko Neko Fabric! A family business, this online shop brings in fabrics from all over the world, especially Japan (duh?). The owners love cats so much that they named the store as such!

You will never get bored browsing their huge collection of prints - from Scandinavian to cute Sanrio prints and more. If you’ve ever heard of the famous Japanese artist Naomi Ito, then you’d be delighted to see that her Nani IRO label fabrics are also available here!

Get your Nani IRO fabrics and more from Neko Neko!

Neko Neko Fabric

Online store: 



6. Onlewo

Infuse local heritage into your sewing projects with Onlewo fabrics.

Never forget your roots - Onlewo has been creating pattern designs inspired from our local garden city and heritage. They have been featured in Monocle, Louis Vuitton City Guide, the Straits Times and more. Shop for unique fabrics, gifts, and home furnishings here!

Browse fabrics, face masks, home furnishings and more!


Online store: 

Contact: 9112 4685

Physical store: 129 Jalan Besar, 208847 Singapore

Hours: Tue to Sat (11AM - 5PM)

You can contact them for an appointment that is not under their allocated hours.


We are serving customers through our webshop at present. For further enquiries, we welcome whatsapp and emails. Our contact numbers are (+65)91124685 and (+65)81009800.


7. Qubatik

Qubatik's website. 

Well known for their wide variety of Handprinted and Hand stamped Batiks on premium cotton and organic cotton, Qubatik is where you can get Batik that is perfect for kids or adults with sensitive skin!

Photos: Qubatik.

If you're looking for fabrics that will retain their colours for a long time, check out their Batik Tulis range - even brides are using them for their special occasion.

Photos: Qubatik.


Online store:

Contact: 8161 0703


8. Sew Good Knits

Set up in early 2017, Sew Good Knits first delivered high quality knits from Europe and has since expanded to many others like viscose, linen and linen knits. Being a private Facebook group, you would have to join the group to be able to order their fabrics and snatch some good deals!

UPDATE FROM Sew Good Knits: 

They recently have now made shopping from them easier! Check out their brand new website here.

Photos: @sewgoodknits on Instagram.

Sew Good Knits

Online store: 


9. The Cotton Shoppe

The Cotton Shoppe sells their fabrics both on their own site and on Etsy!

First starting out selling handmade quilt products on their Etsy store, The Cotton Shoppe has grown to selling baby rompers, tote bags, face masks and fabrics internationally. If you’re looking for Japanese fabrics like Nani IRO, Echino or Kokka, you will find them and more at The Cotton Shoppe. Filter through their collections by style, type and even weight!

Some of the popular brands you will find here are Echino, Nani IRO, MUDDY WORKS, Yui and Kokka! Photos: The Cotton Shoppe.

The Cotton Shoppe

Online store: 

Etsy store:


Contact: 9337 7872


10. The Shophouse Fabric

Check out their website here! Photo: The Shophouse Fabric.

A down-to-earth store, this little treasure trove is full of fabrics ranging from cotton, silk, leather and more! Shop on their online store and search by type, colour or collection. Cotton fabrics range from $12 to $62 per metre. Make sure to check them out for their unique patterns and designs, you'll be pampered with the many options they have!

Every wall is piled to the brim with fabrics! Photos: The Shophouse Fabric.

The Shophouse Fabric

Online store: 

Contact: 8128 9232 (Take note, they only accept calls! No messaging)

Physical store: 33 Erskine Road, Shop #01-08, Singapore 069333

Hours: Tue to Sat (11AM - 5PM)

Closed on Mondays and Sundays


Phew! That’s our top 10 best online fabric stores in Singapore. If we’re speaking of more physical stores, there are countless shops in Chinatown and Arab Street. We curated some of our favourites here and here.

Though nothing can compare to being there physically to feel the fabric before purchasing, buying online definitely has its perks. Being able to browse all the fabric designs in the comfort of your home, not having to travel to the location and having the fabrics arrive right at your doorstep! What's not to love?

Now that you have ideas on where to buy your fabric, it’s time to breathe life into them! Transform them into wearables, accessories and let your imagination run wild. You can browse our Fashion Sewing classes here and our accessories classes here!

If you're new to sewing, then you can check out our Beginner classes here!

That's all from us! See you in the next post (and maybe at the studio!)


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