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Reworking old clothes and why you should do it too

Reworking old clothes and why you should do it too

The world has changed after the pandemic, and the fashion industry was not excluded. With fast fashion rapidly growing in recent years, concerns have cropped up on the sustainability and consequences of buying off the rack.

The youths on Tiktok and around the globe have made it a choice to tackle this situation by making their own clothes - but what’s more prevalent is the trend of Upcycling, Thriftflipping and Reworking old clothes, garments and scraps into wearable items.

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What's in for Upcycling?

Old jeans that you never reach out for anymore or faded shirts and blankets with intricate patterns are now being transformed into wearable pieces. From patchwork denim jackets to 2-piece coordinates and corset tops. It’s with these creations that self-expression and personalities are now shining even brighter and have caught the attention of others to do the same.

Why you should rework your clothes

Source: National Environment Agency Waste Statistics.

It helps Mother Earth

Just last year, Singapore generated 254,000 tons of textile waste. That’s as heavy as around 518 Boeing aeroplanes! Only 2% was recycled. Upcycling clothes keeps more of them out of the landfill, and helps reduce that number.

More affordable in the long run

You buy less if you upcycle. By using what you already have and repurposing them into something that has a higher value, reworking your clothes is more affordable in the long run.

Boosts confidence and self esteem

Wearing clothes that truly represent your own personality and with silhouettes that fit your unique body shape the most will let you be more comfortable in your own skin.

Stay in the loop with fashion trends

Reworked items are now in the range and will be for a long time, so it’s never too late to start upcycling your own.

How to get started

Now that you have some clarity on what reworking and upcycling means and its impacts, how do you actually get started?

Stock take what you have

Make use of what you already have in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for a long time. These garments will be your materials!

Know what you want to rework your old garments into

With countless ideas out there, it’s hard to stick to one. Envisioning the final product will aid in the process so that you know which parts of the garments to cut and how. The pieces needed for a jacket vary greatly from making a bucket hat.

Find inspiration

It’s everywhere! Tiktok, Youtube and Pinterest might be the first things that come to mind - but you can take inspiration from around you as well.

Inspire others

Completed a project? Don’t stop there! Inspire others to do the same. Every action counts, no matter how small, in the fight against the floods of fast fashion and textile waste.

Sign up for classes

You have clothes that you know you want to rework on, but no idea how to? Try your hand and get some practice with Alteration Classes and youtube tutorials! If your kids have shown you Tiktok videos of Upcycling and have shown interest, why not start with the basics and let them have a hand at Reworking their own Tote Bag?

Upcycling and reworking your clothes can actually be really simple. With a couple of different shirts, mix and match the sleeves and add pockets. Have an old pair of jeans you don’t wear anymore? Give it a snip and put the pieces together to make a tote bag. Upcycling knows no limits!

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