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Student Feature: Jeremy - Sewing Above & Beyond For His Clients

Student Feature: Jeremy - Sewing Above & Beyond For His Clients

Jeremy and his own made modern kimono-inspired robe.

An accomplished photographer who goes beyond his purview - Jeremy has embarked on a journey to learn sewing and bring his artistry to higher levels. Through our recent interview with him, we dive deep into what has inspired him to explore garment-making and how it has influenced him as a photographer.


Introductions! How would you describe yourself?

Hi! I’m Jeremy. I’m a portrait photographer (@jemanci) and also a handicrafter who is passionate about creating beautiful outfits for my shoots.


Among all the different creative activities, why choose sewing?

During my shoots, I would often drape cloth over my clients, clip and pin them up to create unique and elegant silhouettes. Therefore, I’ve always thought it would be awesome if I could sew up the outfits for my shoots! This inspired me to start making garments for my clients and is also the reason why I took up sewing classes at Fashion Makerspace.

Jeremy’s work in progress during a custom class.


Which classes have you taken with FMS and which are you planning to take in the future?

I started with the WSQ Fashion & Fabrics: Basic Dress with Lining class and progressed to doing a 1-to-1 Custom class with Hailey to work on my individual design. If time permits, I’m considering taking up the Men’s Shirt class! I’m also hoping there will be draping classes in the future.


Share with us your experience in learning how to sew with FMS!

For someone who is completely new to sewing, I knew it would be challenging. However, the instructors in FMS made the lessons fun & easy for me to understand and follow. I’m glad I did my classes with them!


The final results of Jeremy's hard work - a modern kimono-inspired robe.


Which piece is your favourite and what’s the story behind it?

It will be the modern kimono-inspired robe made in organza fabric. It was the first piece I ever sewed for my studio’s wardrobe! Through this experience, I made a lot of mistakes and also learnt the most from making this as handling this fabric was quite a challenge too.


What drives you to continue sewing?

As a photographer, I first visualise the look and feel of each portrait I wish to achieve. The ability to sew and create interesting outfits has given me the opportunity to bring my vision to life. Furthermore, the satisfaction of seeing my clients loving the creations I put on the rack, makes me want to dive deeper and learn more about sewing.


Your 3 favourite parts of sewing are… 

  1. Selecting and buying fabric!
  2. Breaking down the different parts of the outfit and coming up with the right patterns to create the desired shape or volume.
  3. Sewing the last part just before the outfit is complete!


Describe the challenges you faced when learning how to sew.

Personally, I find drafting tough and sewing darts daunting. I remember having to unpick the darts many times and sewing them back again to get them right. But now I would say I am pretty good at it!


The robe made by Jeremy and worn by one of his clients for a maternity shoot.


What kind of garments do you wish to make in the future?

I wish to make basic black and white bodycon dresses in different designs with interchangeable shoulder pieces or sleeves, so that I can create a new look each.


Jeremy with his masterpiece.


Any advice for those who wish to begin their sewing journey? (especially for gentlemen!)

I think giving your sewing journey a purpose or goal helps. Sewing is not easy. It takes a lot of patience and practice! Just like picking up any language or musical instrument, you will only be able to fully enjoy and appreciate it once you have mastered it. Like I always tell my friends and family whenever they come to me for advice, I believe anyone can learn anything if they put their 100% effort into it. The only person who can stop you from achieving it, is you.

This inspiring message from Jeremy indeed motivates us to go beyond our comfort zones, to take the step and cultivate our passion in garment-making. Thank you Jeremy for encouraging us to go beyond our fields, to achieve greater heights and mastery in our vocations! 

Do look forward to more of such personal stories and be inspired by these talented Fashion Makers.

Keen on taking on the classes that Jeremy has completed? You can check out the WSQ Sewing & Patternmaking Course he has taken or you may browse all our Fashion Sewing classes here, and our Sewing & Patternmaking classes here. Custom classes require some consultation, feel free to contact us here.

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