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Which Classes Should My Kids Take?

Which Classes Should My Kids Take?

The holidays are arriving and we’re excited to share with you what we have in store in the form of kids’ sewing classes! It’s a chance to have fun, learn handy coordination skills, improve their concentration and explore the possibilities of what their tinkering hands can do.

Psst, these classes are not just for girls, boys get to make their own shorts/accessories too! This article is best read with your kids' ages in mind - as their motor skills will vary before, during and after adolescence. We have curated 2 different journeys - one for kids and one for youths.



At a glance: which classes your kids can take, in order.


Does your kid dream of working in fashion? Or maybe they are exploring hobbies and have chanced upon sewing? We have crafted the Kids Sewing 101 course so that your kids can walk away with the basic skills to use the sewing machine to make their own projects. They will be introduced to the sewing machine and how to use them while also learning the primary tools of the trade. The course also includes sewing up their own mask covers! This course is ideal for kids ages 5 to 14. If your kid is above 14, we highly recommend you to register them in our Fashion Sewing 101.


Once your kids have gotten the hang of sewing, we highly recommend them to take part in our Sewing Camp! This 4-day workshop usually happens during the school holidays, so it's the perfect day activity for your kids when they're on break. They will be introduced to new sewing techniques and will be hands-on making more detailed projects than the face mask cover. Get your little ones to choose 3 different projects - from pouches and progressing to bags! This 4-day workshop is suitable for ages 7 to 16.



Looking for a different set of accessories? We've got a brand new sewing camp just for kids! You don't have to worry about the tools and materials - all the kids will have to bring is their creativity and hunger for fun! This 3-day workshop is suitable for ages 6 to 13.


Now that your kids are pros at sewing their own accessories, it's time to level up with our Fashion edition of the Sewing Camp! Kids will style and construct a 2-piece collection from scratch, guided by our friendly trainers. This is the perfect opportunity for your kids to experience what it's like in the fashion industry. Together with the trainers, the kids will familiarise with how to mix and match designs for their collection. They also get to choose their own fabrics, learn how to cut them correctly and sew them up! This course is ideal for ages 7 to 10.


Your kids are now adept at using the sewing machine! They may now explore other accessories to sew and even challenge themselves at. Pick from our wide selection of accessories or garments to try something different.



The sewing journey for youths.


Ideally, even youths have to go through an introduction to sewing. Kids Sewing 101 is also catered to those who are aged above 11 but if your little angel is already 14 and above, they can register for Fashion Sewing 101.


Has your child chanced upon those upcycling and thrifting videos online? Featuring our most popular Upcycling Fashion Class for youth! This 4-session workshop combines multiple alteration and sewing techniques together with a field trip to the thrift store. They will have a chance to unleash their imagination and create their own design with guidance from our friendly trainers! This course is suitable for youths from the age of 11 to 17.


After learning how to upcycle old garments into new items, youths may also take part in making their own accessories! Learn different sewing techniques and tricks that you may not have known can be doable. 


Similar to the Kids Sewing Journey, youths will now be adept in the sewing machine! They may now venture in sewing different types of accessories and garments to expand their sewing skills and their wardrobe.


We hope these simplified sewing journeys will help parents and their children decide on what classes to take to improve their sewing, or to simply fully enjoy the hobby! If you still have any other questions of queries, you may contact us in the quick links below. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the studio! 




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