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Say Hello to our New Course: Fabric Studies and Fashion Production!

Say Hello to our New Course: Fabric Studies and Fashion Production!

We are excited to introduce our newest WSQ course, Fabric Studies and Fashion Production! This course is perfect for beginners and intermediate sewists alike. Let’s get to know what's in it for you through this short Q&A.


The tools used in the WSQ Course.



1. Why should I be interested in this course?

Have difficulty finding clothes that fit you well? Do you love or are intrigued by different kinds of fabrics?

Fret not, you've come to the right place! Your curiosity will be satisfied as this course teaches you a good deal about fabrics and fashion production covering tops and skirts for beginners.




2. What can I learn from this course?

The appeal of a garment is often through its fabric choice and design. Gain a deeper understanding of fabrics and learn how it will affect the quality and its suitability in a design.

First of all, this course equips you with the necessary skills needed to take body measurements for yourself and others. Secondly, you will learn how to produce pattern blocks for tops and skirts from the measurements. Thirdly, with the guidance of our proficient and experienced trainers, you will learn how to cut & sew a skirt and top with the right fabrics with our professional tips & techniques. By the end of the course, you will be ready to create different designs with marvellous tops & skirts from scratch. 




3. What is the difficulty level?

This course is targeted towards beginners. Hence, our trainers will be sure to teach at a manageable pace and be there to guide you constantly and assuringly. However, as this course runs over multiple lessons, patience is essential. For those who don’t want to go through the process of measuring and prefer the drafts provided beforehand, our Fashion Sewing classes would be perfect for you.



4. How is this course different from our current top and skirt WSQ course? 

Unlike our current WSQ course, this program offers a new segment that covers materials and textiles. This would equip one with the skills needed to identify and characterize commonly used fabrics and determine their appropriateness for a particular design. 


Differences between our current WSQ and newest WSQ course.



5. Why is it important to learn about fabrics?

Imagine trying to bake a cake but using the wrong type of flour. Alas, the desired outcome falls short of its expectations in terms of the texture, rise, appearance, and more. In apparel-making, choosing the right kind of fabrics plays a pivotal part in the outcome of the garment. This is because fabrics affect the drape (how the garment falls), and more importantly, its fit and quality. It is the differentiating factor between a cheap-looking product or a boutique-bought garment. 


 Students taking measurements on fabric.



6. What’s the best part about custom-making your top & skirt? 

Are you tired of trying to find the right-sized garments that fit your specific body proportion perfectly in the market? Unfortunately, we realize that many people identify with that question. They tend to ‘hide’ inside their clothes, unable to find the right garments in the mass markets. Fortunately, with the right fit, measurement, and cut, custom-made clothes can help to accentuate one’s figure. Indeed, you’ll end up with a personalized garment or a pattern that works wonders for you.


Measuring the mannequin.

7. What occasion suits this top and skirt best?

This outfit suits almost any occasion, as long as you know how to choose the appropriate fabrics. Through different fabrics and prints, you can choose to make your garment fun, formal or luxurious. Here are some examples to illustrate:


Choosing the right fabrics can help to create an outfit that suits the occasion.


So, be it for a serious office meeting or a casual dinner date, you have the ability to create your unique and flattering outfit with the right fabrics.

Although it can get overwhelming to choose from a multitude of fabrics available, knowing more about it can make your next visit to the fabric store more fun and enjoyable. Learning how to choose the right material can also help you to create more extravagant pieces. As the fabric is an essential component in garment-making, getting the hang of it will surely take your sewing to the next level. With that, we encourage you to take up this new comprehensive WSQ course to improve the overall style and beauty of your next piece. Sign up with us through the link here! If you want to know more about the various WSQ courses available in Fashion Makerspace, do click on the button below.



Do check out our previous blogs on the Most Common Sewing Questions That Beginners Need To Know if you’re interested in delving more into the world of fabrics and sewing. Happy Sewing!


Video by cottonbro from Pexels:


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