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Cheongsam Button Making Workshop by Ai Geok

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2 Sessions (2 hours/session) | Total of 4 hours

In the olden days, the Chinese Button knot was mainly used on traditional cheong-sam dresses as a button, hence its name. It is very useful as a starting or ending knot as it retains its shape well, so it is also referred to as a stopper or knob. The Shanghai version is call Pan-kou 盘扣, and the patterns are usually made by quilling fabric strips.

In this 4-hour workshop, you will learn to make the Pan-kou from scratch. You will learn how to make fabric tubes that are the basis of the Pan-kou. From there, we will proceed to learn the steps of making a Button knot, which will be used as the knob for all your fasteners. You will then learn to make a basic straight Pan-kou, a Pipa knot Pan-kou, and a twirl Pan-kou.


Hi, my name is Ai Geok, and I am the hands behind the knots.

I first came into contact with Chinese knots in my teens, and have been fascinated by the art for the past 30 odd years. I hope to preserve the traditional methods of making Chinese knots. I want to find innovative ways of presenting them. I want to change the way people view them.

Knotting is an ancient technique used in many cultures around the world. The threads of a knot are like threads of life. So come, join me to add beauty to the world as I bring simple threads together in a knot.

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What You Will Learn

  • Make fabric tubes
  • Make a basic straight Button fastener set
  • Make the Pipa knot Button fastener set
  • Make the twirl Button fastener set

Important note

  • Pre-Requisite: Participants must have hand and finger dexterity and basic ability to use sewing machine.
  • Things to Bring: Binding tape, bias tape or fabric strips. 5 pre-cut strips, 2cm x 70cm. Advisable to bring spares. Student will bring their own fabric to make fabric tubes using sewing machine and tools. Tools provided for on-site use only.
  • Knotting and other tools will provided for on-site use.

Other Important Information

Classes start on time, please arrive 5 minutes earlier if possible.


  • The date that you booked may be cancelled if that date has fewer than 2 student signups
  • This course is not SkillsFuture claimable

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