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What's it like making your own pants?

What's it like making your own pants?

Have you ever experienced difficulty finding the right pants? Or has the thought of getting them tailor-made crossed your mind? Do you find yourself only reaching out for the stretchy kinds and you want to change that? Then you’ve come to the right place - to the course [WSQ] Design, Draft & Sew Womenswear Pants (Intermediate)!

1. Why should I be interested in this course?

Pants are probably one of the bigger conundrums in the sewing world. Apart from factors such as the waist, hip circumferences and lengths - you need to figure out the crotch, the tummy and bum curvature, and even the leg, thigh and calf shapes. Don’t forget the alignment of the side seams too.

There are a multitude of variables, especially since everyone comes from a diversity of shapes and sizes. Those with wider hips often find the waistband not able to sit snugly, or some have to always alter their lengths to fit their height.

We could think of a few other reasons that people may want to make their own pants, but these are the more common issues that people face when purchasing pants off the rack. So, how do you get the perfect pair of pants? This is where our [WSQ] Design, Draft & Sew Womenswear Pants (Intermediate) comes in to save the day!

2. What can I learn from this course?

  • Pick up the skills to do a pair of fitted pants for not just yourself but for others too!
  • Taking accurate measurements. With the right values, you will get a garment that fits perfectly to your silhouette and your goals.
  • Utilising the right fabrics with the correct drape for pants.
  • Drafting patterns requires using numbers, especially from your own unique measurements - getting the right formulas and values would give you the most ideal outcome.
  • Creating a fitting sample together! We understand common fitting issues for women. So learn how to make adjustments for various shapes, like a protruding abdomen, flat buttocks, wide hips, and many more!
  • You will learn how to design, draft and sew a pair of pants, with our professional tailoring techniques.
  • Create different pants designs from your master block (not just one!)

  • 3. What is the difficulty level?

    This course is targeted towards those who have drafted and sewn a few garments or have at least completed our Basic Top & Skirt or Basic Dress with Lining courses (Now revamped and renamed with Design, Draft & Sew). Our trainers will be sure to teach at a manageable pace and be there to guide you constantly and assuringly. However, as this course runs over multiple lessons, patience is essential. For those who don’t want to go through the process of measuring and prefer the drafts provided beforehand, our Sewing Only classes would be perfect for you.

    4. What's the best part about custom-making your pants?

    With the right fit, not only does it look good and flattering, you can replicate it many more times and it will always be a perfect fit! Be it with different fabrics, cuter buttons or with different designs. You will no longer have to hide under ill-fitted pants or use a belt to hold them up. Use a good pair of tailored pants to enhance or elongate your figure and change up the vibe anytime you want!

    Textures and fabrics can bring out a different vibe even if the silhouette is similar!

    One of our most comprehensive courses till date, with lots of advice on common fitting issues for women, level up your skills with us. Find out more through the link here

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