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What makes the Perfect Wedding Dress: An Interview with Hailey Lim

What makes the Perfect Wedding Dress: An Interview with Hailey Lim

Having sewn multiple wedding dresses/cheongsams, we sit down with co-owner/trainer Hailey Lim, who shares with us a brief look into the intricate process of creating that perfect gown, entrusted by her friends, for their once-in-a-lifetime event.

Wedding Dresses made by Hailey.



How did you end up sewing your friends'/relatives' wedding dresses?

They asked and I said "ok!" [Laughs] I guess it's rare to have a friend who knows how to sew a wedding dress from scratch. In the end, all my close girlfriends took turns and asked me. Thank God they all married at different times! [Laughs]


Which wedding dress took the longest and how long did it take from conceptualising to finish?

Honestly I think most of it took about the same amount of time. I didn't really keep track of how much time each dress took - I just worked on it whenever I had available time (which often meant really late nights).

Shella in her wedding dress. Photo: @wanderlustdreamco

Conceptualising the dress with the brides is a constant. Most of the time, after the bride sees or feels the dress, they will have second thoughts and would provide feedback along the way. It's a customised project after all - so whenever the bride gives feedback or has suggestions, I will give my professional advice in return. It becomes a team effort. To me, being able to really make the bride happy and confident in the dress is the most important.

Min Yu in her wedding dress, together with her husband!


What did you enjoy most about the process?

Being able to catch up with each of the Brides during the process! [Laughs] I genuinely like creating pretty things - being able to work alone in my sewing room is also very therapeutic.


What aided you the most throughout the journey of sewing a wedding dress?

The trust and faith from my Brides. They have never pressured me nor were worried about the outcome.

Hailey with the bride and friends.


Why make one when wedding dresses are so readily available in boutiques and shops?

I think every girl has a dream bridal dress and there's always that one or other element that might be missing from off-the-shelf dresses. I like to think I'm like the Cinderella Godmother - I make the magic happen! [Laughs] The magic concoction is a perfect balance of the Bride's taste, aesthetic, comfort, style, character and fit.


One thing that makes or breaks a wedding dress is ___.

The teamwork between me and the Bride.


How should one start when they want to make their own wedding dress, or any dress for that matter?

I highly recommend every bride to go out and try different styles before thinking of customising a dress. Sometimes the pictures in our heads work very differently in reality, so you should go discover on your own what you like or dislike.

Abeline in her wedding dress.


Do you foresee yourself doing more of this in the future?

I already foresee a picture of me with white hair - hunching my back sewing another wedding dress!

Hailey in her own wedding dress that she made!


Thanks, Hailey! Now this is just the tip of the iceberg - something as intricate and personal as a wedding dress definitely requires a lot of work and patience. It was still eye-opening to see how her works have come to life and brought such confidence and joy to the wearers!

If you're looking to customise your own wedding dress for your special day, or maybe just something unique for an upcoming occasion, contact us by clicking on the banner below! 

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