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Make your Cheongsam uniquely yours!

Make your Cheongsam uniquely yours!

Every occasion calls for a different style, we’d say. A longer hem for the formal scene, some striking fabric choices to make your next #ootd pop. Not all of us have the brainpower to visualise the final outcome in our head, so this post is here to help you see the effects of making changes to a Cheongsam’s design!

Knee-length or midi - how does the hem length change the look?

Most of us may associate a long hem length with being conservative. Any formal event would usually warrant a safe length from around the knee to the calf. Though floor length garments are definitely a showstopper!

If incorporating Cheongsams into your daily wardrobe is your goal, nothing can stop you from making a Cheongsam top to match with your favourite pair of pants. Want to go classy? Go for knee length or midi cut Cheongsam for that sophisticated look!

Which bottom cut should I choose for my Cheongsam?

The Straight Cut, Tulip Cut and Flared Cut.

The length aside, picking the perfect bottom cut for your Cheongsam should be fun and exciting! You’ve got a variety of options to consider. From the Straight Cut (a classic option!) or the graceful Tulip Cut, to the playful Flared Cut for those picture-perfect twirls or even the trendy Jumpsuit!

You can’t go wrong with the timeless straight cut, it’s always a good choice. But if you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your look, the tulip and flared cuts can do just that. For those who prefer a different style, a jumpsuit is a fantastic option to showcase your personality!

A Cheongsam Jumpsuit is both unique and comfy!

Short sleeves or long? Or none at all?

When people think of Cheongsams, most would imagine the sleeves to be cupped and fitting. But historically, they were quite the opposite! Long and loose-fitting sleeves were more commonly seen (definitely at odds with the weather in Singapore).

You could choose from a sleeveless look, or if making one with puffy, flared or even petal sleeves speaks to you more, no one can stop you!

Form-fitting Cheongsams look uncomfortable!

Only if it doesn’t match your unique silhouette! There’s no such thing as one size fits all, especially so if you’re looking to wear a form-fitting Cheongsam. Making your own Cheongsam right from the start (i.e. from taking your own unique body measurements) will result in you having the most comfortable Cheongsam that fits you like a glove. Unless of course you prefer a flare fit for better concealment, then you’re sure to find an option here too!

There’s so many fabric options - how do I choose?

When it comes to the fabric designs, it’s definitely best to go with what your heart says. What you like, or what you feel most comfortable or confident in will always be the best option! Definitely keep in mind what occasion you’re wearing it to though. A formal event definitely calls for less funky patterns or even muted colours and tones.

What’s important as well when it comes to making your own Cheongsam (or any other garment for that matter), is the material. Is it structured to hold shape? Or is it soft enough to flow like a flare skirt? Don’t forget the softer and more slippery, the harder it is to cut and sew! Find a good balance between aesthetics and ease in handling.

Make matching Cheongsams for everyone!

Matching Cheongsams with your kids or family is like wrapping yourselves in love and joy. It’s a delightful tradition that celebrates togetherness, while adding a dash of fashion fun to your special moments. It’s about creating those heartwarming memories, passing down values and embracing your cultural heritage in the most welcoming and wonderful way. Most importantly, everyone looks cute together!

Whichever route you take when making your own Cheongsam, remember that there will never be another of it in the world! End your search for the perfect Cheongsam by making your own - enjoy 8% OFF with code CNY8 when you buy any Cheongsam Class. Buy 2 or more and get 28% OFF with CNY28! Explore the Cheongsam Collection here.

Promotion ends 30th November 2023. Terms Apply.

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