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[Add On] Sewing Machine & Basic Tool Kit Rental

$90.00 SGD

No Sewing Machine or Sewing Tools at home? Don't worry! 
Grab your chance to rent our computerized sewing machine & also our basic sewing tools that you need for your sewing projects! Delivery is included.

Our Sewing machines will come with a Basic Sewing Tool Kit as well
















Terms & Conditions:

  • Prices are inclusive of a $80 deposit
  • For 2 Day Rentals, it will be delivered over the weekend
  • Please check your machine on the day you receive it to make sure it's working fine
  • In the event of any damages or missing parts with the sewing machine, or if any tools are missing with the sewing toolkit, the deposit will be deducted accordingly.
  • However should the repair costs exceed the deposit amount, you will be liable to pay the full repair costs.