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Sewing Journey Roadmap


We hope this will help you decide which class to take! 

If you have zero or barely any experience with the sewing machine, we recommend that you join our Fashion Sewing 101 OR Starter Bundle.

These classes form the pre-requisite of most of our classes, where we will introduce you to the functions of a sewing machine, setting up and threading your machine and using it through a hands-on sewing practice. We will end off with a virtual tour on where to buy your fabric and sewing supplies.

In case you’re wondering, the difference between the 2 classes is that Fashion Sewing 101 PLUS takes you on your first project on how to construct a Pleather Drawstring Bag that you get to take home too! 

Currently we also have a starter bundle that is recommended for beginners as well.  This bundle is a combination of Fashion Sewing 101 or Fashion Sewing 101 PLUS & Fashion Sewing 102. In Fashion Sewing 102, you will learn more about fabrics, fibers and constructing a zippered wristlet.


After taking the basic courses, which course you choose next depends on your pace and comfort level. Some people would like to pick up alteration techniques from the Alterations 101 or to take on sewing of Bags & Accessories Classes

Whilst others prefer to go straight into sewing garments with our Fashion Sewing Category 
where you will decide which garment design you would like to learn. Pattern drafts will be provided based on your size we will teach how to cut and sew your chosen product. (Shirts and cheongsams are more challenging. We recommend sewing a few garments first before attempting them.)

If you would like to dive faster into dressmaking after the 101 course, you can take the Sewing & Pattern-making courses where you will learn to take accurate body measurements, draft your own pattern block and pick up the skills to do for others too. Here you will learn pattern-making / drafting variations in necklines, silhouettes, sewing construction techniques including invisible zipper installation, assembling panels and pick up finishing skills and techniques to make your garment look polished and immaculately done on both the outside & the inside.

Then take your skills to another level with pattern manipulation techniques, more complicated sewing skills, like adding lining, yokes, plackets, cuffs, zipper-fly and many other variations to bring your designs to life!

All the dates and timings are posted on each page as well.

If you are still uncertain, feel free to Whatsapp us at 8139 7787 or drop us an email at We look forward to seeing you!

Happy Sewing!

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