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From Muse to Make: Tune in to our New Series!

From Muse to Make: Tune in to our New Series!

Ever seen an outfit and think, "I can make that even better"? Unleash your inner designer with our new series, From Muse to Make, where we turn our inspiration into our creation!

The Concept

Catch a glimpse of how we transform our fashion visions into life!

Our First Project

The puffy bag has become the IT bag for many of us here in Singapore and all around the globe. We fell in love with the cozy texture and supportive cushioned straps of this trending accessory. So, we designed our own version with comfort in mind!


We sketched out ideas and explored various forms, sizes and unique features to make our design stand out. When designing our Puffy Bag, we focused on infusing it with a sleek, minimalist shape with a hidden magnetic closure, while adding a touch of whimsy. Think fun lines, pleasing colours and a sprinkle of personality – that’s the essence of our Puffy Bag!

Fabric Selection

To achieve that fluffy and pillow-like softness, we experimented with different batting thicknesses to find the perfect fit. As for the fabric, we experimented with a few but finally opted for smooth and silky Taffeta fabric. It’s lightweight, soft and perfectly brings out the puffy effect when the quilting lines are sewn. Plus it’s waterproof!


Mockup Time! Now with materials prepped, we can visualize the final product, iterate freely, and ensure everything aligns with our vision before production. This minimizes waste by optimizing material usage.


Production - Bag Making

Meticulously bringing vision to life, Faathimah couldn't resist creating 2 contrasting quilt patterns on each side: one with subtle waves and the other with a geometric touch. And of course, making sure the straps are just the right length and width for maximum comfort!

The Big Reveal!


But wait, there’s more – surprise! We’ve also created a smaller version that is still large enough to fit your A4 documents!


With its versatile look, it’s perfect for carrying your everyday essentials, hitting the gym, chilling at the beach or hanging out with friends. And for all the lovebirds out there, it’s the perfect accessory for that matching couple look!


Now, it’s your turn to craft Your Dream Puffy Bag!

Join our fun & easy Puffy Bag Workshop (2 x 2 hours) and create your own adorable bag! Choose your size (big or small) and favorite color (Blush Pink, Powder Blue, Sapphire or Midnight Black) Feeling extra creative? Personalize your bag with motifs, patterns, or even initials!

Why You'll Love It:

  • Learn everything to make your own puffy bag in just 4 hours.
  • Choose from a variety of trendy colors and sizes.
  • Unleash your creativity with personalized touches.
  • Fun and beginner-friendly - perfect for all skill levels.

Ready to get stitching? Sign up now!

See you on the next From Muse to Make project!



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