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[WSQ] Adobe Photoshop

Total of 36 hours | Assessment: IN-CLASS

Period Time Type Assessment

Course Information:

Art Styles and Fusion

  • Reference No.: TGS-2019503442
  • Course Duration: 18.25 hours (Blended)
  • Funding Validity: 18 Nov 2019 to 17 Nov 2021

Visions of the Future

  • Reference No.: TGS-2019503433
  • Course Duration: 18 hours (Blended)
  • Funding Validity: 25 June 2020 to 29 Nov 2021

Course Provider: 

First Media Design School Pte. Ltd.

UEN: 200517638C






Designers should be able to do more than just attract attention, they should be capable of applying visual communication concepts for planting an impression that would last and give an impact to the market. Adobe Photoshop is the very first step!

Level - Fundamentals:

Ideal for those looking for an introductory workshop to graphic design and designing of collaterals with Adobe Photoshop!

Workshop Outcome:

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to create and manipulate graphics that are a composite of various images and elements created within Photoshop.

Download the info sheet here.

About the Workshop:

Visuals that Leave an Impression

With Adobe Photoshop, learners will be equipped with the skills and techniques of Adobe Photoshop in order to edit and reconfigure images to enhance its visual quality.

They will be tasked to work on a poster that is a synthesis of “retro” art and “futuristic” art. All learning will be in a hands-on, practical format.

Graduates from this workshop will obtain a Statement of Attainment for Aesthetic and Design Sensibility and Imagination and Exploration issued by SkillsFuture Singapore.

  • Fundamentals of Photoshop
    • Understand the difference between Pixel & Vector graphics
  • Photoshop Tools and Techniques
    • Discover all the features of the Photoshop Layers Panel
  • Advanced Design Techniques
    • Design graphics with various blend modes and learn to retouch photos by removing blemishes
1. Can I use my Skillsfuture credit to claim for this course?

Yes, you can use whatever Skillsfuture credit balance to claim for this course on top of the provided subsidy.

We will inform you how much grant you are eligible for and the balance you will be required to pay. Once you have this balance amount, you can submit your Skillsfuture credit claim here at 

Kindly inform us of the status of your claim as well so we can update on our end. You may make this submission between 60 days up to 5 days before the course starts.


2. If I have no prior experience in any Adobe applications, can I join?

Yes, you may join as we will be teaching everyone starting from the basics to achieve the same level of proficiency.


3. Can I miss any classes?

Ideally not because all classes are progressively planned. However, as the government funds the grant, you are required to achieve 75% attendance as you will be liable to pay the grant back if you don't achieve this requirement.

IMPT: Attendance is compulsory for Assessment. It will be on Day 7 (Express) and Day 7 & 14 (Non-Express/Regular)

- All rescheduling of classes will have an admin fee of $50.
Additional charges apply if it is a custom make up timing, $50/hr
- No additional charges for make-up class if we are able to slot you in another intake.

4. Can I reschedule to a different intake/timing or cancel my enrollment?

We highly discourage this, but there's an admin charge of $50 should you need to reschedule.

Full payment will be charged upon cancelling after attending the 1st session.

5. What happens if I don't pass the assessment?

You can appeal for a re-assessment. This re-assessment should be taken within 3 weeks of the last assessment. A re-assessment fee applies.

Class Policies:

Kindly refer to our class policies before signing up.


Course Fee Liability:

Trainees who do not meet the minimum attendance and assessment criteria will be required to pay full course fees at a non-subsidised rate.

In the event of company-sponsored trainees who do not meet the graduation criteria, their sponsoring companies will be liable for payment of the full course fee.