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Ugly Dolls by PositiveLeePeilin



2 session course of total 5 hours

Age Suitability: 6 to 12 years old

Truth: We debated long and hard whether anybody would sign up for an Ugly Dolls workshop because well… who wants to make ugly things?

If you read into the story Ugly Dolls though, you will see that its about free-spirited characters who confront what it means to be different, struggle with a desire to be loved, and ultimate celebrate who you truly are.

This message is so important, especially in this time of Instagram perfection that we absolutely want to run this Ugly Dolls workshop!

We will share stories from books and discuss why we all have our differences and how these make us collectively stronger and more interesting! Your child will  then design his or her own doll and write its back story, before bringing it to life with a sewing machine!

We will introduce the fundamentals of using a sewing machine (hurrah for the makers from Fashion MakerSpace) and your child will learn how to construct and sew his own plush toy!

This is a great programme for siblings to attend together, with each of them expanding on their individual creativity within a structured programme.

Award-winning storyteller, Peilin, will share the origins of three classic princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle (Beauty & the Beast), and help your child imagine and create her own Princess story and fantasy outfit.

Your child will then be introduced to the fundamentals of textiles from the makers of Fashion MakerSpace. She will create her tutu skirt from a selection of colours and materials, and design her own tiara. These are great for wearing to parties and weekend play, with no fear of bumping into the same outfit!

All materials and sewing tools provided. 


What your child will learn:

  • Introduced to the fundamentals of textiles
  • Create their own backstory for their dolls
  • Design their own dolls

How your child benefits:

  • Gaining insights on world knowledge
  • Practice social skills and gaining emotional awareness
  • Enhance physio-motor and visualisation skills

What your child takes home:

  • 1 x Customised Plush Toy

Classes start on time, please arrive 5 mins early if possible.

*Minimum 4 pax to start a class.

Get 10% off when you sign up for two classes and 15% off when you sign up for three! Email us your invoice for the cashback discount. 

Kindly refer to our class policies before signing up.



PositiveLeePeilin started as a social platform to spread positivity and celebrate reading. It is now a programme of workshops that encourages social learning, sparks creativity and develops skillsets. PositiveLeePeilin collaborates with experts in various fields such as pastry making, fashion designing and photography to create holistic programmes that complement the storytelling and crafts aspects of the workshop.