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Cut & Sew Subscription: 3-month Basic Plan

Applicable for Cut & Sew Designs only. 

By invitation only (Limited to the first 35 subscribers)

-- $189/ month
-- Multiple class bookings
-- FREE 6 co-sewing hours

All you have to do is pay the total subscription fee and you can book Multiple* number of classes during your subscription period! With this plan you are also eligible for free co-sewing hours! Plus we will be churning out collections regularly so you will have more to choose from!

How to BOOK the classes?
2 simple steps to book a class.
a) Check out the date/time of the class you are interested.
b) Simply Whatsapp (+65 81397787) or Email:
your preferred Class title, Date and Time.

Important:  Please Indicate the Subject Title as "Subscription: Order Number"
Example: Subscription: #1233


*Terms & Conditions
- Student can only take a maximum of 2 ongoing classes at any time
- Student must have minimally taken Fashion Sewing 101 and 1 garment sewing class before
- Applicable for the our "Cut & Sew Design" Series
- Featured Maker (guest trainer) classes are not eligible for the subscription plan.
- Student have to book the time slot based on the website and is subject to availability

If you are interested and not in our invite list, please fill up your interest in the link:



1. When will the subscription start?

From the first class date. However you have to submit your 1st class date within 48 hours to secure your subscription spot!


2. How does the maximum of 2 ongoing classes work?

Students are only allowed to have 2 ongoing classes at a time. If you want to book a new class, student will need to complete one of the 2 classes before registering for a new class.


3. How long will the Subscription last?

It will be based on the months you subscribed.
E.g. Student A bought a 3-month subscription package on 1 Jan 2020.
It will end on 31 March 2020 (3 months).

4. How many classes can I attend?

As many as you want consecutively as long as you keep within 2 ongoing classes at one time.

5. Do I need to book online for the classes I'm interested in?

Simply make your purchase here and the rest of the correspondence will be via our email once you decide on the classes you want. 

Please Indicate the Subject Title as "Subscription: Order Number"
E.g. Subscription: #1233 in your correspondence with us to indicate the class title, date and timing.

6. I'm interested but I did not receive any invites from FMS?

Don't worry. Simply click on the link and fill up your interest. Once we fully launch it, we will definitely keep you posted.


7. When can I do the co-sewing classes?

Please inform us at least 2 days in advance when you would like to do the co-sewing. Weekends are highly subject to availability. For co-sewing, machines, space and tools are included, however consumable materials like paper and thread are not included. The space is for independent usage and trainer instruction is not included.