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Kids Holiday Camp: Pokemon-Inspired (Storytelling & Creation)

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4 Sessions (3.5 hours/session) | Total of 14 hours

[The Dimple Loft X Fashion Makerspace]

Calling all boys and girls! This June, our Pokémon-inspired film arts camp will see children aged 5-12 become storytellers and costume designers, creating their own Pokémon-inspired characters. This 4-day adventure is perfect for young artists, aspiring designers, and Pokémon enthusiasts eager to explore the realms of creativity, story development, and theatrical presentation.

1. Storytelling & Character Creation

Campers will create their own unique, drawing inspiration from real animals & the Pokemon universe.

2. Costume Design & Crafting

Participants will design and create a hooded cape to bring their creature to life, ideal for storytelling & Halloween!

3. Age-Appropriate Learning

Younger campers use safe, simple materials while older ones tackle more advanced crafting techniques.

What You Will Learn

For Ages 5 - 7 (Group A):

·    Imagination & Creativity: Encourage imaginative thinking through story creation and role-playing.

·    Fine Motor Skills & Crafting: Develop fine motor skills through hands-on costume crafting, using child-friendly materials.

·    Foundational Storytelling: Introduce basic narrative structures and character development, enhancing communication skills.

For Ages 7 - 12 (Group B):

·    Advanced Artistic Skills & Costume Design: Cultivate advanced drawing and sewing skills, focusing on costume design as a form of storytelling.

·    Complex Storytelling & Scriptwriting: Foster an understanding of complex narratives, character arcs, and thematic storytelling.

·    Leadership in Filmic Arts: Develop leadership and communication skills through group projects and presentations.

Important note

  • Sewing machines, tools and materials are included.
  • For ages 5 - 12.
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Other Important Information

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