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[E-Classes] Baby Booties & Mittens

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E-Classes: Baby Booties & Mittens

For the Beginner to Experienced Sewists. If you have sewn a few products before, this should be quite comfortable for you. For babies 0 to 9 months. 

Watch our entertaining Baby Booties & Mittens tutorial video (Watch A Preview Available Here) where we feature our guest trainer Emma & our guest student Clifford, to sew up a pair of booties! All through verbal instructions only!

Dress your baby up for an adorable selfie! Sew a handmade set of booties & mittens for the little one! Pickup sewing machine basics, gain experience reading patterns & work with small pieces & multiple layers of fabric. It’s also great practice for sewing curves!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to construct babywear and use the tools necessary for sewing.
  • Fundamental sewing techniques and inventive sewing hacks.
  • Basic understanding of reading patterns and applying their uses

How Do I Access My E-Classes? 

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Need Help? Introducing LIVELINE

For selected E-classes, along with material kits, students will also be entitled to get a LIVELINE where you can arrange 3 sessions of 20 mins consultation via ZOOM to connect with our FRIENDLY trainers for guidance and troubleshooting. 

Simply WhatsApp us at 81397787 to make an appointment!


[Ensure you have all of these materials if you are not purchasing the Material Kit*]


  • Fabric (Approx. 0.5 meters for main fabric and 0.5 meters for lining fabric)
    [Light/ soft cotton fabrics recommended]
  • 10 cm of elastic (0.4 - 0.75cm in width)
  • Threads


  • Basic Sewing Tools (Snippers, Fabric Scissors, Pins, Unpicker, Fabric Marker/ Chalk, Hand Sewing Needles)
  • Printer & Paper
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron

OUR MATERIAL KIT COMES WITH: [Tools & Machines Not Included]


1. Fully Prepared Fabric (Material Kit A, Material Kit B Or  Material Kit C)

  • Ironed & Cut Out 
  • All Panels labelled and notches cut

2. Hardcopy Patterns & Essential Sewing Notions

  • Sewing Notes/ Guide
  • Matching threads
  • Sewing Needles
  • Safety Pin
  • 10 cm of elastic (0.4 - 0.75cm in width)
  • Paper patterns in both soft & hardcopy

So you can sit back, relax and have all materials delivered right to your doorstep.
Please allow for 7 working days from receipt of measurement form for delivery of Material Kit.

Add-on [Optional]:

Sewing machine (with tools) & overlock machine available for rent/sale here.

Have any questions? 
You can contact us: 81397787 or Email: