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FAQ - WSQ Courses


Can I use my Skillsfuture credit to claim for this course?

Yes, you can use whatever Skillsfuture credit balance to claim for this course on top of the provided subsidy.

We will inform you how much grant you are eligible for and the balance you will be required to pay. Once you have this balance amount, you can submit your Skillsfuture credit claim here at 

Kindly inform us of the status of your claim as well so we can update on our end. You may make this submission between 60 days up to 5 days before the course starts.

If I have no sewing experience, can I join?

You may join our Basic Drafting & Sewing Courses as we will be teaching everyone starting from the basics to achieve the same level of proficiency.

As for our Intermediate Courses, you will need to attend any of our Basic Drafting & Sewing courses. Otherwise, please contact us to discuss your level of experience.

Can I miss any classes?

As all classes are progressively planned, you should attend all classes unless you have valid documentation/ MC. As the government funds the grant, you are required to achieve the minimum attendance as you will not be entitled to the grant if you do not achieve this requirement and will be liable to pay the grant amount to Fashion Makerspace. Makeup classes without valid documentation/ MCs are chargeable.

IMPT: Attendance is compulsory for Assessment.

- All makeup classes are charged at $50 per hour.

Can I reschedule to a different intake/timing or cancel my enrolment?

We highly discourage this, but there's an admin charge of $30 should you need to reschedule.

Full payment will be charged upon cancelling after attending the 1st session.

What happens if I don't pass the assessment?

You can appeal for a re-assessment. This re-assessment should be taken within 3 weeks of the last assessment. A re-assessment fee applies.

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