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[SkillsFuture] Sewing: Women's Cheongsam (Dress or Jumpsuit)

$510.00 SGD

Beginners may apply. All patterns are custom fit to your measurements.


7 Session Workshop | Total of 17.5 hours: (2.5 hrs/session)

Perfect for festive wear or a casual date, our Contemporary Cheongsam comes with a twist- it's outfitted with multiple options! So you can choose the type of sleeve, skirt/ pants combination that you want to sew up!

You will receive an email requesting for the measurements of the person you would like to work on, kindly submit them at least 5 days BEFORE coming to class. 

Options given:

  • Sleeve - Normal or Flutter
  • Skirt - Straight or Flare
  • Pants
  • Side Pocket

All fabrics, sewing tools, machines are provided. You will be given all the pattern options.

31 AUG - 12 OCT (Every WED) 3.30pm - 6pm $500/$510
15 SEP - 27 OCT (Every THU) 1pm - 3.30pm $500/$510
24 SEP - 05 NOV (Every SAT) 2pm - 4.30pm $500/$510
28 SEP - 09 NOV (Every WED) 7pm - 9.30pm $500/$510

What You’ll Learn:

  • Attaching bias-bound feature and mandarin collar
  • Installing a concealed/ invisible zipper
  • How to sew and install a normal, puff and flutter sleeve
  • Adding the bottom of romper-style pants to your cheongsam
  • Sewing up a tulip and flared skirt
  • Handling & using the sewing & overlock machine
  • Many sewing tips and finishing techniques that you can apply to your various projects


You may view this course on the People's Association (PA) website here.