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Restyle Your Wardrobe Workshop by Agy Textile Artist


1 Session Workshop | Total of 4.5 hours [Exclusive one-time only event]

This is an introduction to upcycling clothing.

Tired of your wardrobe? Don’t know what to do with clothes you don’t want to wear? Bring two or three old garments and explore different techniques to breathe new life into them. Textile artist, Agatha “Agy”, will share her passion for upcycling clothes, why it is important, and how to make your clothes last longer. You won’t have to hit the stores again! This popular workshop is now into its 11th run!

No sewing experience needed. For ages 12 and above.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is upcycling?
  • How to upcycle a garment and get started
  • Basics of sewing and how to use the sewing machine

Everyone gets to take home something unique!

Bring 2 to 3 old garments. Upon registration, the trainer will contact you directly.

Classes start on time, please arrive 5 minutes earlier if possible. 


  • Minimum 3 student signups.
  • This course is not SkillsFuture claimable


Individual & group workshops are available to book on request, please enquire. We also offer workshops not listed & can tailor them to suit your needs.

Kindly refer to our class policies before signing up.



She is a textile artist who is passionate about building environmentally aware communities, and is a founding member of Fashion Revolution Singapore and Connected Threads Asia. Her goal is to get people to reconnect with their clothes through techniques such as repair and transforming them into creative wearables (aka upcycling). She holds regular talks and Restyle Your Wardrobe is one of her signature workshops where she shares her knowledge of rethinking the way we view our garments. Agatha blogs at Agy Textile Artist, and has been featured on Channel NewsAsia, Channel U, The Straits Times and TODAY.

Check her out at: